We rent our vacation rental house to tourists. We can book airport transfers and tours etc. for our clients.

We welcome you to the Caribbean Costa Rica and its wonderful nature with untouched jungle that hits the beautiful Caribbean beaches.
# The un-spoilt beaches here are so wonderful, you can chose a beach with waves for surfing or other beaches that has natural pools with calm water behind the reefs (which is great for small children).
# The comfortable climate (never really too hot and never cold with fresh evenings/nights) and when it rains it is not cold either, most of the time it is just refreshing. This area is also away from Hurricanes and other bad weather happenings that hit other parts of the Caribbean.
# The charming mixture of Latin and Jamaican cultures in the same village of Puerto Viejo.
# The richness of wild life with birds, slots, monkeys, butterflies and so many other animals close by and easy to spot.
# The area is quite safe compared to many places in the world, we came from a large Brazilian city so for us this is like paradise in safety, even so we made our housing project very safe with a 3 meters high fence/wall around it, and we have 2 different security camera systems and we have a security company “on call/monitoring” if ever needed (and in the same street there is the new tourist police station also to make life even more safe). Our house is probable one of the most safe houses in this area of Costa Rica…. Better safe than sorry, nothing is better than prevention!

I personally always have loved both the jungle/wild life and specially exotic beaches, here these two meet each other, it is unbelievable…..

See this nice video flying over the Puerto Viejo area! (Great video made by Raphaël Siegrist):

See our full + 200 Puerto Viejo video and photo gallery site on Flickr here! 

There are a 3 bedroom house and 3 other one bedroom units in this mini-condominium!

Puerto Viejo is starting to become an important tourist attraction of Costa Rica. It is located on the South Caribbean Coast, it has its own unique culture, flora and fauna. Your stay with us will give you the opportunity to experience it all. Take a step out of the ordinary tourism and hotel rooms, and spend your holiday in our vacation rentals. For those who like beaches, one of the nicest Caribbean beaches is a short walk away from our vacation homes.

Things to do in the area:
# First of course is the see the beautiful beaches and nature.
# There are many great restaurants and bars in Puerto Viejo Village.
# Great to ride a bicycle around for sightseeing, there are electric bicycles and scooters for rent also.
# For animal lovers there is a rescue center (Jaguar) that is great fun for to see all these animals.
# There are zip-line and other adventure tours available.

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